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Cocoon Lounge by Kevin Hviid & Martin Kechayas

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The mission has been to create a new icon. A timeless lounge chair for private and public spaces. Cocoon Lounge fit just as well in homes as in the hotel lobby or restaurant lounge.

Cocoon lounge is a lounge chair that blurs the boundary between furniture and architecture. It is inspired by the organic modernism of the 60’s, where soft and sculptural shapes melt together. The design is the result of a fusion between the beauty in rattan fabric and a curvy, unified wood silhouette, creating together a harmonious and inviting feel. Recalling the classic egg-shaped hanging chair, Cocoon Lounge is the perfect nook to cozy up in.

Depending on the color combinations, the chair has a versatile expression, which can range from a serious, muted boho-chic, to a vibrant playful look.

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