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Volta Bench & Malea Coffee Table by Zaha Hadid Design

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Volta Bench

Echoing Hadid’s calligraphic language, Volta is defined by a single dynamic gesture. The intertwined loop is articulated through a smooth transition between hard-edged surfaces and soft, fluid, lines describing the item’s function while ensuring stability to the overall design. Immaculately carved from a single block of granite, Volta combines ZHD’s seamless lines with Citco’s exquisite craftsmanship.

Malea Coffee Table

Mirroring the logic and coherence of nature, the design references the spiralling motif of seashells. Combining two interlocking elements carved from a block of onyx, Malea represents a coherent evolution of ZHD’s interest in exploring movement through space without compromising functionality or ergonomic requirements. The transparent acrylic material amplifies depth and complexity through a flawless display of refractions while the solid stone conveys stability and balance to the overall design.

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