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3D Printed Furniture by Cucune for Ai Build

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Ai Build is announcing a partnership with furniture company Cucune, with the aim to bring forward the future of furniture manufacturing.

3D printing has so far been used in the furniture industry for creating prototypes or unique exhibition pieces. Thanks to AI Build's scalable technology, Cucune is expanding this niche market by producing 3D printed furniture at a large scale and accessible to everyone.

Powered by the advanced 3D printing software and hardware of Ai Build, Cucune will produce

sustainable 3D printed furniture that are fully customisable to suit the needs of every home. By

using Ai Build's technology, Cucune offers affordable designer furniture and at the same time

overcomes challenges on robustness, longevity and comfort with the combined use of new and

traditional material and ergonomic design.

Michail Desyllas, Creative Director of Ai Build, said: “we are excited to collaborate with Cucune. Mass customisation of 3D printing offers designers the possibility to see their creations become a reality.

We are very happy to see this commercial application of our technology take off and the vast

possibilities it can now provide for designers and their ideas.”

S Keyhan-Rad, CEO of Cucune, said: “Cucune is incredibly excited to be working with AI-Build as their innovative technology enables, for the first time, mass production of customisable designer objects made from recycled materials at affordable prices.”

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