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O l Wall Lamp by Hayoung Kim

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

This wall lamp ‘O l’ takes inspirations from timeless forms and everyday material such as circle and line, paper and aluminum. Hayoung Kim explores the properties of paper and potential of space by adding paper products. Paper is familiar and easy to handle to all. The characteristically simple and geometric works of it are created entirely through manual process of pleating and unfolding. Small-scale object is made from Tyvek, a special type of paper. Large-scale object is kind of an installation work made of traditional paper in Korea, characterized by its natural and enduring properties.

This lamp allows users to make slight adjustments. When the users rotate one of the handles, not only the amount of light decreases or increases, but also the shape of the paper shade will be adjusted to surround the space and furniture.

#Lamp #Lighting

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