Windstärke 5 by Felix Pöttinger for Mohr Polster

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Designer and RCA post-graduate Felix Pöttinger combine Algorithms-Aided Design and traditional craftsmanship to create „Windstärke 5“, a unique daybed with a water surface.

The daybed has its form rooted in Mohr Polster’s specialism, as well as their tranquil living and working habitats in Andelsbuch, Bregenzerwald. A floating geometric structure with a liquid leather surface serves as the piece’s main focus, this simultaneously references Bregenzerwald’s natural landscape but is also a stage that showcases Mohr’s innovative adaptation of technology in craft, only made possible by their experience and expertise.

Pöttinger and Mohr have worked very closely together, throughout both the design and manufacturing processes to arrive at the precise shape of the body–forming waves, which encourage the user to curl up and relax in their most organic forms.

The design places emphasis on continuous emotional balance. By transforming a liquid surface into a piece of flowing upholstery, the unique daybed works against the urge of self–optimization and induces a sense of diving into and embracing one’s own vulnerability.

The wooden base is muted, to provide a calming and meditative potential, while being sturdy enough to support the upholstered element. The leather was coloured by hand and individually choosen for every bed. The spring mattress was done by hand and finished with a CNC milled surface to create the liquid form.

Whether displayed in a public exhibition, or tucked in a corner of an office, the ataractic daybed transports the user to the serene environment of its origin.

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