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Inside Out by Daevas Studio

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Inside Out is a table lamp with a concrete body and a lampshade frame in brass. The main goal in designing this lamp was to stress out the characteristics of concrete, although it is considered as a heavy and rough material, it could be used in a very detailed and fine structure.

On one side the body of the lamp, designers have left a rough surface as it usually comes in mind when talking about concrete, which represents the “Outside” of the body. On the other side, they have designed a rhythmic form based on small steps going into the body lamp. This part represents the “Inside” of the lamp.

As for the shade, they decided to leave just the frame, representing the armature which is usually used in the concrete structures, so it looks as though they have brought out the inner armature, the hidden part. Despite the fact that these rebars (steel bars) are usually made of rough iron, by using a noble material like brass, the designers have symbolically increased it’s value.

“Inside Out” has an architectural form based on Fibonacci’s spiral. This method gives the object harmonious and continuous lines which is conveyed throughout the lamp. The height of the lamp is 470 mm and it weighs about 6 kg.

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