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UFO by Pavel Vetrov for Zegen

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

UFO is a stylish, modern and multi-functional workplace in which there is everything necessary for comfortable work. The table is equipped with all the needs of a modern user.

It has metal stands for gadgets, chancery or books that should always be on your desk. There is also a roomy drawer in which you can put everything you need and have it always at hand. At the rear, the table is equipped with a metal stand to access the wires, so all the wires from the computer, laptop or chargers will always be hidden.

The design uses only strict lines as the shape of a spaceship from a fantasy film. The use of metal constructions is an integral part of the concept, and veneer details betray ease and create comfort in tactile use.

It has a simple collapsible constructions and is easily packaged in a flat box.

#Desk #Table

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