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Hanging Flags by Bec Brittain

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Representing a creative evolution from previous collections, Brittain’s strikingly architectural Flag Series poses an interplay between LED beam lights and large, flag-shaped sheets of glass. Eminently adaptable, the Hanging Flags series can be arranged in countless ways; cumulatively as a screen or room divider, or as a large-scale installation spanning the entire length of a room. This versatility is further distinguished by the choice of a variety of glass and metal finishes. The Resolute collection is drawn from Bec Brittain’s solo show at The Future Perfect, her first since 2013 and the first at our New York gallery. Characterized by a new sense of confidence, Brittain’s work is at once harmonious and instinctive. By introducing a new visual vocabulary, focusing on the interplay between mirrors, metals and glass, Brittain has created the essential components that can be customized in myriad ways, making up site-specific installations and audacious large scale commissions.

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