Siman Collection by Gianpaolovenier Design for UrbiEtOrbi

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

A passionate traveler, Gian Paolo Venier is in constant search of afar atmospheres to contaminate his design vocabulary. A postcard representing the ancient Toghrul tower, situated near Teheran (Iran) - that the designer received from an old Iranian friend - was the starting point for this collection of tableware.

The name of the collection comes from the Farsi term “siman”, which means concrete. Marked by the iconic pleating - which creates an ever-changing game of shadows and depths - SIMAN was conceived for the Greek brand UrbiEtOrbi, which is specialized in the production of concrete accessories for the home.

The 7 pieces, cake stand, candle-holder short, candle-holder tall, catch-all, dish small, dish big, vase carry a strong architectural character and act as little architectures populating our interior landscapes with a highly graphic and timeless personality.

Available in 2 shades that highlight the texture of the concrete - light grey and anthracite - the collection is hand produced in Greece.

The pieces were first “sketched” by the designer using clay - a material dear to him as it allows to freely explore shapes and textures. The resulting objects were then reinterpreted with a 3D modeling software and 3D printed in 1:1 scale. Lastly, these samples were used to create the silicon molds used by UrbiEtOrbi to cast the concrete pieces.

The articulated prototyping process - that mixed different and very distant techniques, from the “ancient” clay molding to the ultra-contemporary 3D printing -ensured the desired final feeling of the pieces, in-between tradition and innovation.

 Photo: Olivier Lacrouts 

             Giannis Kyriakakos 

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