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Equant Suspension Lamp by Studio Cecilia Xinyu Zhang

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Suspension lamp with an adjustable circular reflector provides indirect, diffused and reflected illumination.

A metal circular diffuser is suspended on to a black metal disc, which can be navigated in an orbital motion along a circular structure. A LED is housed in a half sphere balanced on the structure, with which light is being directed upwards to a super matte white reflector and casts ambient light back into the space. The entire structure is balanced with a solid metal weight to the end of the circular structure.

Simple yet delightful to use, this lamp’s diffuser/ reflector can be swiveled and tilted, allowing fine adjustments for directional lighting in multiple axis and angles. When carefully positioned, the lamp reveals perpetual dynamics thanks to its pure geometric elements.

A suspension lamp features architectural characteristics based on an astromathematics concept. The name “Equant” is reminiscent of the mathematical concept developed by Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD to account for the observed motion of the planets.

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