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L1 & L3 by r l o n

Updated: Dec 10, 2019


The form of the L1 floor lamp is guided by clear geometry and reduction to the essential – the lamp itself is no more than an accentuated stroke that leans lightly against the wall. Depending on the angle and orientation of the lamp, the range of illumination and shadow will vary. L1 is minimal down to the interaction – instead of using a switch, the lamp can be turned on and off with a single touch on any part of its surface, with a satisfying click sound.

All electronics are accommodated inside the lamp itself, reducing power supply to a minimum and integrating the cable into the sculptural appearance.


L3 is an interactive light object. Both illuminate and interface are protagonists of a geometric staging. L3 tells one story of the journey to the center; of separation and oneness; of symmetry and tension.

L3 plays with gravitational fields. It is a bridge from the outside to the inside. The L3 is switched on by moving the metal ball in the center of the light ring.

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