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#3000 Mirror Josh Metersky and Aiden Bowman of Trueing

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The series includes two mirrors—one rendered in honed concrete and the other in oiled walnut—each named for the fine grit used to polish the concrete and marble to a smooth surface.

The resulting collection is Trueing’s take on traditional terrazzo patterns, updated for contemporary tastes and use. Cast-in-place marble terrazzo is reimagined in the form of a mirror, functional and easily hung to bring the feeling of grand installations into the home, without becoming overly ornate.

Keen to highlight the graphic quality of the material, the studio designed a custom pattern for each mirror, utilizing reference images and sketches taken in the field.

For the walnut version, the pattern is constructed entirely from mirror, which is precision cut and inlaid into the milled wooden body.

The effect is a material mix-up: the creation of a new vernacular for terrazzo. Trueing’s collection highlights the malleability of stylistic references, playing with centuries-old techniques to create new meaning for how we live today.


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