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Mingo by David Pompa

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Mingo shines both on and off, capable of bringing sensations between tradition and modernity. The soft and overlaying light is reflected onto the surface of the materials, subsequently diffused into every space.

The brass piece that integrates the lamp has different finishes: brushed and polished. This creates a dynamic look using 2 main materials; brass and recycled handblown glass. perfect to illuminate any space, either on its own or in a numerous arrangement of pieces. It can be used individually or in highly elaborated compositions.

Mingo combines unique craft-based expertise with a modern and strikingly simple style. The handblown glass makes every single lamp unique. They use 100% recycled glass. This ensures an irregular surface with surprisingly tiny air bubbles enclosed inside the material which create a charming light effect and enhances light distribution.

#Lamp #Lighting

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