Fossils by The Whole Elements & Agnieszka Ciszewska

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Fossils are objects that require involvement. Their user cannot remain indifferent but must

inspect, touch and play with them. The collection is inspired by fossil forms and consists of a

hand-carved hanging cabinet and a coffee table made of solid oak, as well as red clay ceramics.

The openings in the table top are designed to accommodate the tableware. The shapes of the

individual pieces of crockery match specific openings. These replaceable vessels are available in

several variants that differ in function, size and height in relation to the table top. The user can

play with them by matching the vessels to different openings.

The artist focuses not only on the form of these objects, but also on the sensation of touch and

the ways user interacts with them. Anna Bera is interested in creating furniture that are not emotionally insensitive to their user. That is why she looks for those feature in nature, that make it affect humans in such a strong way, such as the variety of scale, fractality, the plurality of details and dynamic light.

For some time now, Anna’s work has been inspired by objects in nature. At the start of the

working process, she usually creates a collection of found objects that, for some

reason—sometimes incomprehensible at this stage—fascinate or thrill her. Sometimes it is the

shape, or the texture of the surface, or the color. Then she studies these items, trying to

understand why their attributes are so moving to her. Next, she tries to mirror selected

characteristics in objects made of wood. This approach is based on the belief that everything is

already out there. Things are as they are, and the way they are is good. By paying attention to the

smallest objects, picked up from the ground, Anna appreciates them as they are.

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