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Bond by Aust & Amelung for Cor

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Bond is the new side furniture "to go". A whole family of filigree peripheral furniture was developed for the new ‘COR Lab’ collection. They function as connecting links that can be combined with all items of furniture.

The design transfers the trolley as a useful tool from the world of travel into the world of living and working. The zeitgeist is shaped by mobility; today we decide flexibly where we sit, communicate, work or meet. Bearing all this in mind a rolling service cart, a height-adjustable individual work table, a round, elegant side table and a deeper coffee table was designed.

All of the four resulting individual pieces of furniture are based on filigree steel tube constructions with handles, rollers or fixed legs, while the shape of the substructures accommodates the antenna-like handles. Depending on the function of the furniture, a tray, a work surface or a table top (circle and oval) is then fitted to the structural base frame.

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