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Blub Candleholder by Saif Faisal

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The concept was to design a set of candle holders that contain the spilling wax and the mess of a candle as it melts away when lit up. The soft and clean curves of solid wood and the metal dish create a very complimenting expression. They have three variations in the wood base and metal top. The wood base comes in walnut, ash and beech, the top dish is in Copper, Brass or Anodized Aluminium. This makes for about 9 combinations. One can hold the wood base to move around without burning the skin with the melting wax. And the tactile feel of the wood is quite pleasant.

The base and top are screwed to each other for the ease of cleaning and maintenance. The dish can be cleaned by placing it upside down on a paper in the heated oven. The candle holders have a trick detail at the union of base and top which almost makes it appear as if it’s resting on the tip, almost defying gravity. The screw which joins the metal dish and the wood base has a pin on top; this also helps the candle stand upright.


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