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Anodized Tables by Fredrik Paulsen for Etage Projects for Salon Art

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Fredrik Paulsen’s Anodised table series is commissioned by Etage Projects for Salon Art + Design New York 2017, turn the spotlight on a brand new and unique technique that combines anodized aluminium with his signature rainbow tie-dye we know from the Prism series.

the aluminium parts are taken to a company to open up the surface grains of the aluminium. This is made in several chemical baths with electricity which takes 4 hours. ​​When the grains are open within couple of hours the pigments should be applied before the aluminium needs to go in the fixation bath. All the parts need to go back to the anodization place to seal the surface grains. This is made in a boiling bath for 40 minutes.

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