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Tavolo Air Rotondo by Daniele Lago

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

The soft shape of the Tavolo Air Rotondo brings home a cozy atmosphere that promotes conversation and sharing among people. Suspended on invisible glass legs, this circular table with essential lines looks like a disc floating in the air.

The table top is available in shiny glass or oak wood. In the glossy glass version, the Tavolo Air Rotondo has a molded top that hides the fixing system, giving the product elegance and solidity at the same time. The 1 cm glass sheet can be painted in 32 LAGO colors.

In the Wildwood wood version, the full / empty contrast is enhanced by the contrast between the 8 cm thick oak wood floor mat and the lightness of the transparent glass legs.

The Tavolo Air Rotondo is the perfect complement to furnishing kitchens and dining rooms, and the low table version is perfect in the living room or in the bedroom as a nightstand or coffee table.


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