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A+A by Ann Van Hoey for Serax

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

No change is made to 'change the agitation'. That proved Ann Van Hoey when she decided on her fifty to fully impose her passion for ceramics. Ten years later she has a lot of national and international prizes which are now in the closet and can count on positive reviews by the international press.

The inspiration for the porcelain plates, bowls, bowls and cups was taken out of geometric shapes. Her unique, timeless designs with unexpected materials, such as bronze, fall into taste for several generations.

From the craftsmanship and the tight organization of Den Ateljee and the quirky design of Ann, a collection of three bowls grew in stone, in different sizes and colors. The applicable name for the collection, A + A, or Ann + Ateljee, was the most logical name for a wonderful product that would turn this co-operation on.

#Bowls #Tableware

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