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The Stoneware by Agata Łobaczuk

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

The Stoneware set of dishes is designed for the usage and direct consumption of the tap water. The concept was born mainly to limit the harm impact of the bottled water production on the environment. Not many people seize the fact that producing a littler of water in a bottle is associated with atmospheric emissions of about 1kg of co2, which is roughly the same amount which produces a car by riding 6 kilometres.

The shape of the dish is derived from a typical enamel jar, which is quite deep rooted in Polish culture and every Pole could easily describe it. While clarifying the shape of the jar, on its basis were plotted out other dishes, which are fragments of this same form.

Dishes have been designed with regard to the whole process of usage, so that the tap water is the most advantageous for its purpose. It was assumed that the recipient would be able to freely set and use the enamel with silver nanostructures; watering can, used for watering plants; 2 cups; squeezer; covered container; a wooden tray with a plant, to for example slice a lemon.

The whole set was made out of stoneware from Boleslawiec in 'Artistic Ceramics' factory. The material is intended for contact with food and dishes can be safely washed in dishwasher. Wooden elements are made of beech and are protected with plant originated oil.

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