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Flix by Christian Vivanco for Los Patrones

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

In its release version, Felix is presented as an armchair with a pergola composed of two interconnected arches, which helps to divide the outer space of the interior without sacrificing visibility.

Felix is inspired by architectural languages used in Mexico during the 50's, where parabolic structures and the arches defined the country's identity in a strong and modern way. This link to the past brings to Felix a classic but contemporary identity, in which the forms respond to factors that are not only ornamental but functional in practical and symbolic terms.

Felix's design is defined to inhabit interior and exterior spaces in contexts as diverse as a home terrace, the lobby of a hotel, the public spaces of any office, the pool area of a sports club or the public park of any city of the world. Felix is flexible, adaptable and aware of the uses and habits of the people with whom they coexist.

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