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Wooden Tableware Collection by Arno Declercq for Collection Particuliere

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Totem, stele, vase, tidy, candleholder, 'Chalice' is all this at the same time. A rarity and a curiosity, mysterious and almost shadowy, as imposing in its outline as delicate in its details. Standing on the floor or on a piece of furniture, it oscillates – like all the objects designed by Arno Declercq – between tribal resonance and architectural piece.

Mystical and minimalistic, precious and brutalist, tribal and poetic, 'Key' evokes at the same time oblation, the palm of the hand and fine gesture. Intimately connected to the material, the design conveys its rigor and its perfect balance between curves and straight lines. The wood work, turned then brushed, insures the great harmony between minimalism and handcraft. A true shaped piece, contemporary and radical. An everyday life object with a streak for sacred.

Chandelier, candelabra, candle holder and other candle sticks made many occurrences in the history of decorative arts, but mainly dressed with rich embellishments and material interlacing. 'Church', floor candle holders take the opposite view and only keep an elegant play on shapes as well as a wood structure worked to the extreme, but with no ostentation. True classics revisited with a mastered brutalism and an authentic poetry.

#Candleholder #Vase #Bowls #Tableware

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