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Reverence by Fernando Mastrangelo for Edward Fields

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Edward Fields, one of the world’s finest makers of hand-tufted rugs and carpets, takes a bold step in the design world with the launch of REVERENCE, a new collection designed in collaboration with the artist Fernando Mastrangelo.

Known for his sculptures, furniture and large-scale wall works, Mastrangelo expands into fibers

for the first time. A series of 12 new carpet concepts that reflect the visual vocabulary of his

work are paired with the exquisite craftsmanship of Edward Fields artisans.

The works take a conceptual approach to rug making by transforming landscapes scouted throughout the United States into unique poetic compositions. “From the beginning, I wanted REVERENCE to articulate the visual language of nature and to convey a sense of wonder and respect for our physical world - all while celebrating the endurance of form and color,” Mastrangelo says.

REVERENCE is about a record of our times. The landscape-inspired pieces crack, break, and

flow to evoke a kind of realism that floats between abstraction and photography, watercolor and

pastels. The palette of neutrals blends seamlessly into ombre colorations. Each fiber is

meticulously planned and hand-sculpted by artisans at Edward Fields - from blended silk and

wool yarns, to shag with low-pile contrasts, to surprising edging that defies right angles. The

collection brings the same spirit of consideration seen in each grain of material in Mastrangelo’s

sculptural works.


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