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Magnitis Lamp by Saif Faisal

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

It is a playful and versatile lamp which can be used as a floor lamp or a task lamp in smaller scale. It has couple of magnets working in tandem to effortlessly articulate the light as desired. This makes the lamp quite tactile and interactive. For design development of this lamp Saif Faisal had to look back to his Formula Race car design days, quite a bit of engineering was required to make the lamp sleek and clean with all the working details and mechanisms hidden. It makes the user quite curious as to how it works so neatly and efficiently, with just the light being the article of play. And it is at the disposal of the user to point itself in any desired direction. It expresses a different expression in every position. The mechanism consists of two magnets, First one allowing it to be moved up / down and rotate around the mild steel rod. The second magnet allows the light piece to be rotated in the head to about 90 degrees by means of a Beech wood piece. This gives it a very tactile sense. The illumination piece moves freely along the vertical shaft, this flexibility allows for the light to be focused in any desired direction for a task or reading or can be directed upwards for a warm and playful ambient lighting. The overall expression is playfully dynamic yet harmonious. The unique finishes - copper, matte-black and wood add to the freshness and render a little soft feel to the otherwise industrial composition.

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