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Epiqual by Youngjin Byun & Sunhwa Lee

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Epiqual is not only sleek and elegant in form, no detail was lost when it comes to function either, as it has collaborated with a craftsman that has over 30 years of experience of manufacturing toothbrush.

This is not a conventional toothbrush. Developed with a lofty objective to offer “better living through designology”, Epiqual believes a well designed daily use product is the essential element in modern life. The designers were frustrated that toothbrush, one of the most indispensable items in our lives, was ignoring such a simple philosophy. So they went back to the drawing board, and Epiqual was born. Epiqual blends design with excellent functionality. The sophisticated curvy twist provides beauty not only in form but also in function, enabling a comfortable hand grip experience. A carry-on stand completes the toothbrush as a work of art while protecting your bristles from external bacteria. Just in case you might fall in love with this toothbrush and want to use forever, they made it replaceable. A toothbrush can be epic when it comes with great quality.

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