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Erode Soap Summit Series by Ume Studio &Tonic Naturals

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A tactile object by nature, the Erode Soap Summit Series becomes one of desire and play, adding a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Each organic soap is poured and cast by hand, so that the scents and botanic ingredients are revealed in layers, carefully chosen to blend together. The design’s luscious and unique shape suggests its own obsolescence—the slopes are meant to be rubbed, the ridges meant to be worn off. No two soaps are alike, but each one has the potential to evolve as its edges and slopes are worn away.

This piece is produced together with Tonic Naturals. Their craft is in small cold-process production of organic soap with an abundance of unique botanicals, antioxidants, mineral rich clays, and skin-nurturing essential oils to cleanse, hydrate & nourish all skin types. The fresh soap is then poured into the molds in layers until set, cured for 8-10 weeks, polished, & numbered. Every step of their process is hands-on, even producing some of their botanicals from items in their garden.

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