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Hybrids by Tal Batit

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Hybrids deal with contrasts and the unusual combination of the two materials.

Tal chose to design a series of vases that combine two different worlds and cultures; ancient

cultures, with an emphasis on functionality and intuition, and our present “instant” culture, full of

new and emerging technologies.

The pieces convey the juxtaposition between ancient shapes and computer generated shapes;

between textures - matte and shiny, rough and smooth; between colours - the natural red clay

colour, with the bright saturated colours coating the white clay; between seriousness and


Each vase is assembled from two halves. One half is made of terracotta and has a traditional

familiar ancient shape, whilst the other half is made of the white clay and was modeled using 3D

software, creating a non-natural shape.

In order to make sure the pieces will fit together despite the use of two different materials, they

are created in a way that allows them to be assembled together during the whole ceramic

process. This method ensures that the materials’ different shrinkage rates will not cause any

problems. The pieces are dried and fired together, glazed separately and then placed together,

assembled, in the kiln for the final firing. During the firing process, they are fused together.

Here Tal has created six vases, but there are many more assembling options, as each part has

the same diameter, enabling mixing and matching.


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