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Ara by Elvin Chu

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Ara is a bookshelf designed for the transient reader with few books. While looking into how books could interact with a shelf, Ara's form inspirations were also drawn from its intended manufacturing process of thermoforming a simple pattern. Due to a two-step manufacturing process (lasercut pattern, thermoform bends), every prototype was informative of the next. Several iterative adjustments were made to the pattern to reduce flexion of the base as well as to control the visual proportions of this design. Masking off the inner surface of the form, he applied a matte white coat to the exterior faces and edges to emphasize the active area of the bookshelf. Whenever a book is removed from the shelf, more of Ara's vibrant color is exposed. The name Ara, is an interjection describing an "aha!" moment - a feeling the user would get when interacting with the shelf.


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