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Bamboo Chair by Tejo Remy & René Veenhuizen

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood. It is fast growing, strong and flexible. In spite of these qualities, bamboo has a bad image since most bamboo products are produced in developing countries without awareness of the wishes of the Western consumer. As a consequence, the potential of bamboo for product development remains (as yet) unused.

To stimulate the link between designers and bamboo, some promoters within the city of Eindhoven (Design Platform Eindhoven, Art Centre Krabbedans, TU Delft Industrial Design, Onderneming in Architectuur) decided on a series of bamboo design workshops, named Bamboo Labs.

Remy & Veenhuizen first tried to make a chair by means of just braiding the bamboo, but after experimenting they realized they wanted to use this technique to create a more spatial chair. So, the Bamboo chair arose.

#Bamboo #Chair #Armchair

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