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Ambra Collection by David Pompa

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Ambra is a collection of wall and table lamps. With an eye catching personality, Ambra is a unique wall lamp that stands out for its minimal, unusual proportions. Its volumes provide an interesting down light to interior settings by projecting the light onto the wall.

Ambra wall comes with a G9 LED bulb that generates a soft indirect glow. It creates a third visual element on the wall that complements the two cylindrical volumes. Ideal in any space that speaks a minimalist architectural language.

Ambra is also designed as a table lamp that will stand out in any space. The combination of materials creates contrasting textures. A tubular structure is used throughout the ambra table lamp, defining its operative form. This structure supports a cantera slab that works as a reflector for the light. It also allows the cantera to snap into place and become an accessory to create light reflections in both materials and space. The unusual shape fills the environment with a vibrant light which reflects in the copper and cantera stone, as well as on its standing surface. A dimmable switch regulates the intensity of the light that comes out of the GU10 LED spot. It is not just about a new shape, but rather new light, a balance between material composition, and light function.

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