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Dancing Dune by AEO Studio

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A dance with glazes. A love story for an expectant porcelain factory. There is a longing for genuine craftsmanship, where inspiration is drawn from the past, yet ideally working with new methods, with the dynamism between individuals clearly visible. Anna Elzer Oscarson has created a new, ceramic collection, manual dexterity in symbiosis with modern 3D design. This is a complicated process, which has resulted in new forms. Manufactured at Porslinsfabriken i Lidköping, a renascent, optimistic factory. Cast products create perfection. The outstanding glazes bring them to life. Dancing Dune is born. Together with some of the world’s most prominent glaze makers, Kent Eriksson and Hans Olof Nilsson, Anna Elzer Oscarson is nurturing a genuine Scandinavian tradition. Ancient and contemporary forms in symbiosis. Where the different forms come alive with a wide range of glazes.

#Ceramic #Tableware #Vase #Vessel

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