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Table Basse Gliz by Atelier Hlinka & Mehdi Le Bars

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

The Gliz project comes in a range of furniture combining natural stone with slate and solid wood. This project is the result of a common desire to combine organic and mineral matter. They have focused their research on the concept of "frontier", which is the main link of the range.

The originality of this coffee table is characterized both by flexible lines, with curved shapes, but also by its base. Indeed, the main crosspiece is positioned between the two parts of the tray, which creates a strong visual impact between the wood and the stone and contributes to this impression of lightness.

The structure is composed of birch plywood on which is applied a multi-layer white lacquer of great resistance. The slate is treated with a hydrophobic and lipophobic finish, making it insensitive to stains. The solid wood is covered with a layer of matt varnish. This crafted object is modelled and produced digitally with advanced tools. Can be customized in single pieces or small series.

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