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Seating Collection by Ronald Sasson

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The Maas and NIN armchairs and Gart bench will be exhibited from September 14 to 17, during the ArtRio 2017. The items that will be on display, supported by Breton, are the result of a search for the designer to answer the question: “What is my importance in my era?”. Ronald created two furniture based on German expressionist architecture and an organic end to end. “I used three metallic tons of my time: silver, copper and gold”, explains the designer.

The vigorous works of clean and precise features of the German architect Erich Mendelsohn, researched by the Brazilian designer, were the inspiration for this project. The "elegant fractionation", which also features the architect's works, is present in the Gart bench, which refers to the city of Stuttgart, and in the armchair Mass, named as a tribute do Mendelsohn's wife, cellist Luise Maas. Both pieces are produced by Sergio Bertti in limited editions of ten items each model.

The NIN armchair is a tribute to Anaïs Nin, a French thinker and writer. “I identify with her ideas when I look for a meaning that makes me anxious about the legacy I want to leave”, says Ronald. The seven copies are made in stainless steel, produced by Mekal with industrial excellence, but, of course, with the DNA of art.


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