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Shift by Sylvain Willenz for Victor Hunt

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Shift is a glass side table made with a unique and unprecedented glass manufacturing technique. Its complex asymmetrical volume is blown solely from one piece and in one operation. Shift’s shape was inspired by formal elements and details usually found in industrially-produced blown plastic products. Shift’s complexity not only lies in the way it is made, but mainly in its shapes, which are unnatural and unusual for glassblowing; the base is oblong and the top is racket-shaped. Although they seem to be two separate entities pushed into one-another in an asymmetrical manner and offset from the item’s main axis, they both connect seamlessly as the same hollow volume. The result is a very simple yet highly elaborate piece, which looks different from every angle. Manufacturing such a design in glass, and especially as one sole volume, was made possible thanks to a specially developed steel mould with complex moving parts and the skills of four highly experienced glassblowers. Developed with Cirva (FR).

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