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I'VO & Temi by Mottu

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I'VO & Temi are a series of Cupboards & Sideboards with a simple graphical twist on their surface. Made from Alpi Veneer, the paint is usually done in two or more colors ending with a 45 degree intersection on the threshold of the next color to create and edgy and angular pattern on the surface. In most of the products these edges form a triangle and once done on the corners they convey the illusion of a 3D form. The other formal play is done with the placement of shelves that are also either placed on a 45 degree angle or are few centimetres extruded from the main surface. The cupboards could be wall hung or placed on a metal frame. All products are available in variety of colors and pattern combinations.

#Sideboards #Wood #Cabinet

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