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Silhouette by Atelier Hlinka

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

This project was carried out within the framework of the Hand in Hand residence at NTCRI, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute and in collaboration with Lin Jiang-Cheng , master of bamboo in the Nantou region. Reflected from the technique of hot bending, Silhouette is a range of light and flexible consoles. The clean and airy lines of the structure allow the object to appear weightless in the space it is located.

Slightly lower and a little wider than a conventional console, Silhouette can be used in variety of spaces for different usage. Having a complex structure it was also designed to offer a storage under the top surface.The base is composed of two identical gauges that fit together in order to obtain the structure. The tray consists of a braided slate plate positioned on the curve to facilitate the bending of the material and makes it possible to harmonize the use of the stone with the bamboo structure.


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