Lighting Collection by CT Lights

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Chris Basias, founder of CT Lights, has a passion for the creative process and prototyping his ideas in a nontraditional way. His lighting concepts often display hints of an eccentric and romantic ideal, with an element of playfulness and references from his childhood experiences in the Greek countryside. The handmade lighting collection is designed by him and manufactured with the assistance of his dedicated team. Each piece has a story to tell and allows space for beauty and emotion to underpin the innovative craftsmanship. The collection includes Helen, Libra, Rune, Sottsass, Vanity and A.Z.OU. The base materials of these lamps are brass and marble.

HELEN is a ring-shaped lamp that can be placed either on a table or floor. The conical, like a big diamond, base makes that lighting fixture easy to spun and balance itself.

LIBRA luminaire is a pendant chandelier. The pensile circle shaped marble barium support the modification of the inclination angle of the main bar.

RUNE luminaire is a pendulous adjustable light. The balance of the structure is maintained through the varied shaped laser cut marbles that allow easily to adapt the height of the bulb.

SOTTSASS is a floor fixture that plays with the illusion of symmetry. The composition is expanded into two parallel non symmetrical lines using oblique cut marble and bronze, ending to an horizontal bright halo.

VANITY is a mobile floor lamp that stands with a slight tilt. It can be positioned vertically if you place the marble sphere on the upper side of its base and subsequently bring the change of the equilibrium.

A.Z.OU is a surface mounted luminaire inspired by the joy of exploration. Every luminous point represents a travel stop on our ongoing quest to reach our destination. The innovative design of the wiring system allows numerous arrangements and combinations.