Mass Series by FIL

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

FIL utilizes an innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable thinning process to produce modern and minimalist furniture, fragrance products, and other daily-use items.

Based on the concept of “fulfilling life, a life that is full,” FIL aims to apply their vision to the products by ways of protecting and preserving the natural, beautiful landscape of the Aso region, and evoking a profound relationship between nature and humans. In their quest to find an ideal way for consumers to connect with their brand, FIL pursues the real meaning of prosperity in this period of consumerism and capitalism through a minimalist approach. FIL strives to create products that can be used a lifetime with these core values embedded in their work, and by appealing to the importance of “fulfilling life.”

All products developed by FIL feature Oguni cedar, a locally grown timber that is distinct to the Aso region. Their Mass Series consists of chairs and a table. The composition of the light frame in contrast to the solid texture of the Oguni Sugi enhances the value of the wooden materials and gives a beautiful , light and airy feelings to the product just like the natural environment itself.

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