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Light Collection by Ronald Sasson

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Dulle - The Dulle lamp was designed to show the reality of each texture and each material in the most honest way possible, showing the natural color that turns in the textures, showing possibilities of relief depending on the light that impinges. The lighting level of the lamp itself adjustable, valuing the edges of the design. The base receives a texture made around mechanical, in base of solid brass, has a low height, which brings the idea of ​​a jewel. The design lamp is in low intensity LEDs, embedded in a brass base covered with extremely fine thickness blasting glass.

CN - The CN lamp was designed to be a technological homage to the past; Ronald have always admired and learned to respect the technologies coming from the industrial revolution, especially late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Based on his relationship with this time, he has always enjoyed portable candle holders, and the CN is a tribute to this object, but lending all the technology that the contemporary world can have.

The solid brass base refers to the same type of material used in the past, but with textured treatment made in a modern mechanical lathe and the lighting process occurs by an LED embedded in this base, which converges through a lens to a methacrylate diffuser that Softens and dims the illumination like a candle.

Match - He'd always been passionate about miniatures of all kinds, but especially small cars, and the old miniature car toys that used elastic or spring. The loopings with their kinetic property that small cars forced themselves to pass were a proof of physics and this format always intrigued him, so he used this same format to create this lamp. He used an extremely thin glass ball with LED embedded, attached to the thicker side of the looping to give it more nobility and aesthetics. match is coated in natural walnut veneer, which also makes the luminaire look warmer.

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