Caution! This is Rodeo by Ika Kuenzel

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Caution! This Is Rodeo is a series of ready-made riding saddles converted into rocking stools, intended for domestic use. The saddles are fixed to rocking bases which are upholstered tightly with leather. The bases are constructed like car seats, layered in foam of varying densities. The saddle is removed from its context.

There is an obvious absence: no horse, no barn, no riding. it is transformed from an active sports tool into a domestic piece of furniture. it becomes the object of a new encounter and offers a physically engaging experience. Sitting on the saddle cannot be done passively; it requires one to straddle it, balancing oneself and adhering one’s thighs to its curves. If not firmly seated one could even fall off - “CAUTION!”. The posture taken when seated in the saddle is not found elsewhere in the home and is inventive in the home’s context. The physical, tactile handling that it demands is atypical and invigorating. This is no neutral stool, it is physical, aggressive, sexually charged, even poetic and brings a lot of character to any interior space, classic or modern.