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Tea and Coffee Container by Jenkins & Uhnger for Wallpaper Handmade

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Rather than creating a intricate kit that can brew the most amazing cup of tea or coffee Jenkins & Uhnger investigated the post-brew activity; the ritual of decanting the finished drink into a cup and the moment of tranquillity after this.

They wanted to give the content their full attention by creating a glass vessel with a clean outer form. The idea is that the inner shape of the double walled glass invites you to pour the drink and savour the sound and smell in this activity.

The transparency of the container will display the colour and visual qualities of the content. Before, during or after pouring the brew will be on display and the condensation will tell the user that it is hot, at the same time as the double walled solution will keep the outer cool.

In this project they wanted to extend their knowledge about glass-blowing and found a great manufacturing partner in Ichendorf Milano who have pushed the limits and truly made a unique object.

#Glassware #TeaSet #Tableware #Kitchenaccessories

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