Aurelian Vase by Daniel Schofield

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Aurelian vases catch dying leaves and petals, and present them not as a dead part of the flower, but as a continuation of its life cycle – a moment to be admired, not discarded.

The area for the water has been reduced to its minimum in the form of a smoked mouth-blown glass, which also gives the piece its stability. The hand-turned solid ash tops then become the body and neck of the vase, supporting the stem and acting as the ledge to catch any debris that might fall.

The black colour scheme was chosen to give a strong silhouette as well as to highlight anything that might fall, taking attention away from the vase and placing the focus on its contents. The different neck options allow for different species of plants and their characteristics.

In entomology (the study of insects) an Aurelian is someone who catches butterflies. The likeness of this to the function of the vases inspired the name.

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