Collection II by Dare to Rug

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Collection II brings together ancestral symbols in a symbiosis of shapes and colours inspired by the Neolithic culture of Cucuteni that has once populated part of nowadays Romania. Two (II) refers to community, the nucleus of the Cucuteni culture, and to dual concepts like feminine & masculine, positive & negative, one & together. It represents the strive we all have for togetherness and it’s the start of a community. Family and togetherness are the ideas that stand

behind the collection, as Collection II positions the rug the central element of a home - a sacred

space where connections are created and where family reunites to celebrate daily life.

The collection comprises four hand-tufted models made of 100% New Zealand wool with different

pile heights and finishes. The patterns are highlighted by textured areas with loop and cut threads and are coloured in earthly hues of ochre, grey, khaki, blue or terracotta, inspired by natural elements like clay, metal, water and fire used in creating the artefacts of the Cucuteni people. The models play with shapes ranging from the organic form of the female body and the circular shape of an ancient assembly to the rectangular shape of a classic rug.

Collection II models include:

COMMUNE - Is the circular gathering where everyone is equally protected and the life cycle is

complete. “Commune” easily becomes the centrepiece of a space where family reunites to

exchange stories at the end of a day.

MEANDER - Gives the sensation of movement through pattern and texture. It alludes to a

meandering river or to life itself and to the fecundity of the snake symbol. “Meander” is the

connecting element in a sophisticated interior.

DYAD - A team or a pair, dual elements will always be complementary and more powerful when

they are together. “Dyad” is a strong model that eliminates the need to fill a space with unnecessary decorative elements.

HER - It’s “Her”: a goddess and a protector - she lends her organic shape to an object of desire. The natural tones make this rug subtle in appearance, yet powerful in meaning.