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Lunarbox by Design Studio Más

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Today's interest is currently trending. It's becoming more popular with your taste and personality through the interior designing of your home. From a candle to a light, nothing is selected without consideration for your home. However, it's not easy to find pet furniture which meets your design expectations. There are lots of standardized pet furniture in the market. The Lunarbox project has begun with the question "Which furniture does a pet design work with which harmony within the home?"

Most cats feel stable and comfortable by entering certain places. Based on the behaviors of cats, The Lunarbox design began on the shape of the box. Then, they designed it to produce a rich dimensional formative beauty by keeping the balance between the straight line and the curved line of circle. In addition, since they thought that a small round entrance to the indoor-pet house has visual and spatial limitations, they designed a two-dimensional entrance. As a result of it, the visual limitation of the one-dimensional round entrance was lifted. This type of Lunarbox could be an alternative to the current standardized cat-tree.

Lunarbox is made up of special coated strong neodium magnetic with PVC material. The neodium magnetic force holds the products up and down, and friction of coating on the surface of magnetic holds the products stronger. It is safe and easy to build up Lunarbox by placing special coated strong magnets on each corner of steel part between the products.

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