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Gather by Jeff Sheldon

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Gather is a modular home for your essentials, thoughtfully designed to help you cut through the clutter. You don't want to think about it, but it always creeps in over time, making it impossible to find things when you actually need them.

Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach. Gather can be configured in hundreds of ways to exactly the way you want to use it.

The grid system allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base. The magnets embedded in the base allow you to attach additional pieces. The pieces can be attached to either the side or the back of the base. You can even combine two full sets to create a much larger organizer. Gather cuts the clutter of small desk items, acts as a central home base for your most used items, and keeps everything neatly in place.

The phone holder is designed to hold any phone with or without a case. Gather works great for organizing so many other spaces as well.

Gather’s minimal form factor eliminates the time you spend digging through a messy drawer for your essentials. Gather is made with beautiful solid wood and polished white thermoplastic. Durable, high-quality materials with precision craftsmanship mean that this organizer complements any space and will stand the test of the time.

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