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Full Moon by Valentina Carretta for House of Today

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

A tribute to vanity and beauty, this mirrored console table ironically compares an everyday makeup routine to the complete, full-moon transformation which is at the heart of the werewolf myth. This object stands on an imaginary line between private space, an intimate place that makes us feel free to be ourselves, and social life, where each of us is, more or less consciously, forced to wear a mask.

The design is defined by an elegant and sophisticated geometry. The table top opens unveiling a container for cosmetics, while two precious glass vessels complete the idea providing a useful space for cotton pads, brushes or jewels. Like a full moon, the large mirror catches the eye and invites onlookers to peek at their own reflection. And the transformation begins; get ready for a full moon night.

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