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Speaker L242 by Vonschloo

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The design of the L242 makes a clear visual statement; it is reduced and focused on material and finish. Inspired by the "Folle", an archaic sound object which has been used in the Swiss alps for centuries to call the "Alpsegen", the basic cone shape is iconic and self explanatory.

Its purpose and functionality is understood at first view. In contrast to many electronic products they wanted a 360° design being attractive from every side and therefore allowing this sound object to be placed everywhere in a living environment.

The contrasting of the used materials is part of the charm. The warm, irregular and rough material of the housing compared with the smooth, cool and delicate stand gives the product an unique visual character and haptic experience.

This combination makes the product fit most modern living environments. A sound object which can be placed freely within any room in the house.

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