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Split by Arik Levy for Ton

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The Split series links more than the 150-year-old technology of wood-bending with a contemporary design. It is the very first time we can see manually bent split massive wood that creates the design and functional elements of seating furniture. The Split Collection is not only about the unique manual bending technology. “I wondered about what I could give to a chair - apart from its shape. Therefore, I chose to highlight the gradient colour. It is not easy to do, but it can be seen in so many ways in the countryside - sunrises and sunsets, the surface of the sea, colourful tree leaves,” said Arik Levy. He chose its own special colour palette, in which the gradient is sprayed on the new collection. Every single piece produced in this way is an original, made by skilled craftsmen’s hands. The same as is true of our traditional TON technology.

The base of the chair is formed of manually-bent split-lengths of massive wood that are used to create a support for the seat and the backrest. It is elegantly slid in, behind the seat - also made from massive wood.

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