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Forbo Plynoleum Stool by Kim Van Nispen

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Forbo Flooring Systems commissioned student product designers from the Willem de Kooning Academy to help them generate more attention for two of their semi-finished products. They had the choice between bulletin board and furniture linoleum. These results were featured on the Dutch Design week 2015 at Klokgebouw Eindhoven.

Kim Van Nispen chose Furniture Linoleum to work with. This material is generally used as a cover layer for furniture. It is seen as a semi finished product, that’s why she created a way to use this product as a free-standing material. By laminating the Furniture Linoleum, a constructive self-standing material arises.

Kim made colour combinations with a range of colors that Forbo provided. One can therefore see different possibilities of connections in the material and the form-studies. This high end sheet of material could be easily adopted into their range of materials. She wanted to show what could be done with this new way of working with furniture linoleum. That’s why she made a stool that shows all the aspects of this material.


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