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Hexa Duet by Project-J.Co

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Hexa Duet is a modern reinterpretation for a stool design, which combines digital fabrication with tradition metal work. Fabricated from a single piece of sheet metal, it is digitally cut, bent on the edges and folded into a self-supporting stool.

With no added screw or sub-frame, Hexa Duet gives a clean, simple look, with a sculptural appearance. Designed for small family and with use in an urban home in mind, Hexa Duet is made to be stackable ; three of its sides are recessed to receive another Hexa Duet stool when stacked on top. It is stackable only as a pair, and therefore it is called “Hexa Duet”.

The hexagonal shape is one of the characteristic of the stool, both for its versatile shape and space saving advantage. It comes in multiple colors inspired by Asian flavors - Pandan Green and Milk Tea. Alternatively, it also comes as raw metal for those who prefer something more of an industrial look.

#Stool #Metal

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